Financial statement audit is very key and provide reliance on the company financial information which investors and other stakeholders use in making informed decision.

Finvisers Partners adopts the best audit strategy require to ensure that financial information is reliable. Our experience has positioned us to work with different kind of organisation whether large or small while our client cut across different sectors of the economy.

Our services includes but not limited to:

  • Financial statement audit (statutory or non statutory)
  • IFRS reporting
  • Internal Audit
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting


Finvisers Partners understand the dynamics of tax system in Nigeria, advice our Clients accordingly so as to make an informed decision that will impact positively on their business.

We provide tax advisory and consultancy services to our client’s. These include:

  • Prepare and file Company Income Tax with the Federal Inland Revenue Services.
  • Assist Client with VAT processes.
  • Advice on tax implication of contract with non-resident companies.
  • Advice generally on tax planning.
  • Organize seminars for the benefits of employees of our clients.
  • Preparation / Computation of Direct Assessment and PAYE of our clients’ staff at State Level.
  • Attend to Tax queries from both Federal and State Level respectively.


Finvisers Partners provides financial advisories to our client. We believe that the success of our client is the reasons why we are in business. Our experience in M & A transaction; restructuring ; capital raising etc position us strategically to deliver world class service that ensure the growth and survival of our clients.

Accounting As A Service (A3S)

Finvisers Partners observes that most SMEs have problem with their record keeping which also lead to in ability to obtain financial support from banks and other lending institutions.

We have developed a product which allows SMEs to have the required reports without an accountant. Some of the benefits of the Product are:

  • Cloud based – easy accessibility anywhere and any time
  • Mobile Apps enabled
  • Data entry – this will be done by our trained staff
  • Report generation – generate report without stress
  • Tax services

All these are just for a monthly token fee.